Software Development

My history with Programming

I have learned my first languages autodidactically as a kid, and my interest in the art of Programming since then has steadily increased. I don't consider myself a too techy person, but I love working with Computers, I love solving problems with code, and sometimes programming for the sake of itself. This includes overcoming emotional barriers and open the mind to new developments and technologies.


I consider myself almost language agnostic; this means, basic programming patterns are known to me from many languages, which makes reading an unknown language easier by now; With AI on the rise, learning new languages by having feedback, with the necessary knowledge of your own became like a booster. Still, I want to try to depict my existing skillset and experience, but also a bit of my interest.
Name Note
Rust Everyone in the programming space loves rust, and it is understandable. The last 2 years I spent a lot of time learning rust by doing projects.
I love rust, and extensively use it at the moment in many of my projects, including the one rewriting this page. However, I consider it a really hard language to learn, and not helpful it most of my professional experiences with larger companies.
Rust needs me to rethink a lot, about coding patterns.
Go I am only learning Golang atm. when I have spare time. Unlike rust, I think go has a lot of space in the industry at this moment, so I do aim for go based jobs to learn the technology first hand.
Python Counts to my favourite daily languages, and my first language of choice due to it's flexibility and speed. I have written Python projects for Server/Client setups, GUIs, demons, textual interfaces, 2d and 3d applications, webservers, or embedded device solutions. I consider myself primarily a Pythoneer.
JavaScript Basic OO in JS together with jQuery, prototype or similar becomes more important at the moment, but I prefer JS to be used for efficient small local adjustments primarily; A must for every web project. Especially I have interest in angular.
Java One of my first languages, I prefer Java when it comes to big teams with different skillsets working on the same codebase; I have worked with Tomcat/Server projects, standalone applications, aswell as mobile devices. And Minecraft.
C# I am still a bit critical towards .NET, however, since Delphi.NET, and the early days of C#, I have followed the language; I also have written small projects with it, and also with Mono; I have mostly studied the source code from MMO servers written in it.
Pascal/Delphi My second language I learned, was Turbo Pascal, and naturally, I developed a lot in its successors: Delphi&Kylix, OpenPascal, etc. I prefer this for a rapid standalone app for windows, which has to be distributed in one exe file; There is little usecase otherwise.
C/C++ I prefer C++, and have only done minimal coding in it. I have mostly studied C/C++ code, and written only small projects with it, mostly where the tools have to be small in footprint. I am used to Visual Studio, and have done a bit of programming with C++ and clanlib.
Lua I have worked with Lua projects, mostly bugfixing and proofreading.
Perl I have mostly translated a lot of perl code to python, so actually, I did the most difficult thing in perl: reading it.
Basic I learned programming with basic languages. I just mention it here.
Ada, Assembler, Bash, Php Also mentioning only.