Software Development

My history with Programming

I have learned my first languages autodidactically as a kid, and my interest in the art of Programming since then has steadily increased. I don't consider myself a too techy person, but I love working with Computers, I love solving problems with code, and sometimes programming for the sake of itself. This includes overcoming emotional barriers and open the mind to new developments and technologies.


I consider myself language agnostic; this means, basic programming patterns are known to me from many languages, which makes reading an unknown language easier; I want to try to depict my existing skillset. Note, that every language I describe, I was also interested in, so I have read a lot about their background, even if I have never used it to actually produce code:
Name Note
Python Counts to my favourite daily languages, and my first language of choice due to it's flexibility and speed. I have written Python projects for Server/Client setups, GUIs, demons, textual interfaces, 2d and 3d applications, webservers, or embedded device solutions. I consider myself primarily a Pythoneer.
JavaScript Basic OO in JS together with jQuery, prototype or similar becomes more important at the moment, but I prefer JS to be used for efficient small local adjustments primarily; A must for every web project. Especially I have interest in angular.
Java One of my first languages, I prefer Java when it comes to big teams with different skillsets working on the same codebase; I have worked with Tomcat/Server projects, standalone applications, aswell as mobile devices. And Minecraft.
C# I am still a bit critical towards .NET, however, since Delphi.NET, and the early days of C#, I have followed the language; I also have written small projects with it, and also with Mono; I have mostly studied the source code from MMO servers written in it.
Pascal/Delphi My second language I learned, was Turbo Pascal, and naturally, I developed a lot in its successors: Delphi&Kylix, OpenPascal, etc. I prefer this for a rapid standalone app for windows, which has to be distributed in one exe file; There is little usecase otherwise.
C/C++ I prefer C++, and have only done minimal coding in it. I have mostly studied C/C++ code, and written only small projects with it, mostly where the tools have to be small in footprint. I am used to Visual Studio, and have done a bit of programming with C++ and clanlib.
Lua I have worked with Lua projects, mostly bugfixing and proofreading.
Perl I have mostly translated a lot of perl code to python, so actually, I did the most difficult thing in perl: reading it.
Basic I learned programming with basic languages. I just mention it here.
Ada, Assembler, Bash, Php Also mentioning only.


Network Protocols binary custom protocols, SOAP, JSON and XMLRPC; TCP/UDP or serial.
Web Mostly backend, but also frontend development. Mostly Django or Pyramids/cherrypie, some php.
Server Redis, RabbitMQ, search engines, nosql databases, migration software, etc.
Workflows Selenium, Unittesting&Agile, GIT/Hg/Svn, etc.
Techniques OOP, AJAX, RegEx, Parsing Text/Data, CSS/HTML, 3d apis, 2d apis, entity based design, etc.
SQL, MySQL, postgre I like to work with ORMs primarily, however optimizing with raw SQL can help in certain situations.
Qt, wx, GTK, WinAPI I have developed standalone solutions in these form apis.
Adobe I had many projects related in depth to Adobe formats, like PDF or InDesign;
Games pyGame, OpenGL & DirectX, Unity, clanLib; and more. Games technologywise were always my main drive for research into coding. I consider myself an avid player, and I am generally heavily interested into gamification, or new theories about the interaction of games, intelligence and learning.
Linux Administrative work, setup, multiple distributions
Windows Grew up with Windows since DOS. Also Administration, ActiveDirectories, Novell, etc.
Mac OSX I have never owned a Mac, but I have worked on and with various apple products, partly also for deployment, bugfixing or FileMaker databases.
Science & Medicine I am deeply interested into broaden my horizon; I have studied medicine and come from a family with a history being physicians; I however see myself more as an engineer.